Power system consultants

grid-powerNetwork design and reinforcement

Electricity network is originally designed to handle the power flow from large generators to industrial, commercial and domestic customers through interconnected power networks. Integration of small scale renewable generation at customer end in recent years has increased both commercial and technical challenges for the network operators. PSC can help to develop scenario base risk management for the medium to long term investment planning for the network operators.

Grid connection of renewables 

It is always challenging for embedded generators to secure an optimum Point of Connection (POC) to reduce a cost of connection with the Electricity Network Operators. PSC can liaise with local energy distributors on behalf of her client to achieve best possible POC.

Renewable advisory

At large industrial and commercial site, it is very common these days to have an onsite energy generation using CHP or small scale solar/wind. PSC can help her client to investigate the feasibility and payback period for such ventures. Our expertise can also benefit our client for vendor selection, power purchase agreement with utility firm and project management.

Bid evaluation

Having wealth of experience working for utility firms, contractors and plant vendors, PSC has an insider view of business models of utility contractors and stakeholders. Based on such expertise, PSC can help her client to bring vendors’ proposals on level plain field to make an informed decision prior to the appointment of a preferred bidder.


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