In order to move the long waiting Hinkley point C project, policy makers (UK) have guaranteed more than double (£92.50/MWh, instead of current £44/MWh) the wholesale price of Electricity to EDF group. It will take ten year to complete the project at a cost of whopping £24.5 Billions. Due to the future price uncertainty of wholesale energy, investors were desperately needed a government’s intervention.  The extra £48.50 will come from consumers, not from tax payers; anticipating the wholesale price to reach up to £92.50/MWh in next ten years.  If the future wholesale price will reach above £92.50/MWh, consumers will be refunded the difference by EDF. Such arrangement secures the returns to investors, but put consumers at risk of higher prices. UK government and EDF group should work together to find Electricity wholesalers/large industrial/commercial consumers, those prepared to hedge the risk of higher future Electricity prices under such conditions for a long term. Fall is observed in Electricity demand in the recent years, which could further fall due to growing energy efficiency initiatives, roof top solar and growing interconnectors. All these factors may contribute towards fall in wholesale energy prices in the UK in coming years.